About Doug MacPherson

I have enjoyed the hobby of Fine Scale Modeling since I was a small boy.  The subject matter has been varied but there are some favourites.  Space flight has been a fascination since I first heard JFK tell Americans they “can go to the Moon”….  Aircraft have been a favourite since I remember my first airplane ride as a 4 year old, when I flew to Goose Bay Labrador with my family.

Combining a fascination with history in general, and military history in particular, with the story telling aspect of modeling, now every project tells a story.

As a teenager I used my parents bathroom as a darkroom to process black and white film and my own prints.  I learned early that one of the best ways to get photographs you like is to take lots of pictures, lots of pictures.  With the advent of digital photography I had a lot of re-learning to do.  This has also given me the opportunity to combine all of my interests by photographing my story-telling displays.

Hope you find something pleasing.

In my other life, I am currently a systems & business analyst for a global company with specialties in all things water. My time available for modeling is limited but I fit it in when I can. Some day I may retire and guess what I will do with all that time.