Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle

The Memphis Belle

No hobbyist with any kind of knowledge of the Second World War does not know of this iconic aircraft and kit.  So I had to do it.

Memphis Belle

This display is a Revell 1/48 B-17F Flying Fortress

Built entirely from the kit parts.  The only addition was the 4 micro motors for spinning the props.  Along with the motors is a small circuit board with a mounted 5 switch dip.  Switch 1 is main power.  The other 4 switches allow for the on-off of each engine independently, for some more dramatic display.  The switches are mounted within the open bomb bay.

This was the first and really only time I experimented with applying decals entirely with Future.  Decals were released from backing by water as usual but then applied with a cotton swab and Future.  Worked out ok, but the more common method of using setting solutions and then overcoating with fine spray of Future is better.

Belle_Mix_01_bI could not resist a little fun in photo editing software.







Fabricated a new base and dust cover.