“Laura’s Lightning”

Laura's Lightning


One day both of my daughters said they wanted an example of my work.  Neither of them share my hobby or particular interests in military history, so the subject for them was difficult.  No sooner did I start on their displays then they pointed out that their mother deserved one too.

Laura’s Lightening is a 1/48 Revell P-38J with only a vacuum formed canopy as non-kit part.

This display features micro motors installed to spin the props as well as all custom made decals.

The finish is what is different.  This follows the scheme I used for the displays for my daughters.

Bare metal finish with small colour markings that match the colours used on my daughters display.  Port side is for my daughter Maggie with the colours of ‘Maggie’s Mustang’  The starboard side has the colours of ‘Booski’

The call letters are my wife’s initials.  The image on the top surface represents a hummingbird, as well as small versions on the outside of the tail fins, one of my wife’s hobbies.  The ruby image on the inside of the tail fins is her birthstone.  The serial number of the aircraft is her birth date, intentionally hard to read here.