Tipping the Doodlebug

Tipping the Doodlebug



This display depicts the tremendous skill and daring required for a Spitfire pilot to fly along side the V1 Buzz Bomb and slip his wingtip under the wing of the flying bomb and tip it over. This would throw the internal gyro off and the bomb would plunge to the ground, before it could arm.

This technique was considered safer than getting in close behind the V1 and shooting it down. There were several pilots lost to this method, especially flying through the fireball of 2000 lbs of explosive. The lucky ones just lost the paint off the skin of the aircraft.

KIT(s): ICM 1/48 Spitfire Mk IX, ?? V1 Flying Bomb

FINISH: Model Master Enamels, kit decals

Accessories: Eduard photo-etched cockpit

Special Mods: Slight re-alignment of ailerons, micro electric motor for propeller spin, base photo blurred with PhotoShop, display cover.

New Skills: First use of micro motors to spin the prop.